Updated January 31, 2021

 Here’s What’s New in Entrybook 2.0 Release :

In the 2.0 Release, Our focus is to make Entrybook more powerful and user-friendly. This release is aimed to save your time, streamline your work, and delight your application usage. Inline with the above goal, we bring the below features with this release.

New Web User Interface for All Users (admin, employee and guard) and improved consolidated views.

Visitors can now submit ratings and feedback. Guards can rate the visitors and visitors can rate the visit experience.

Visitor details are now available in a new advanced table layout and card layout.

  • To make the entire visitor experience more visitor-centric we have made provision for visitors to submit their feedback on the check-in experience. A link will be sent to the visitors via SMS and email, using which they can submit their feedback post check out.
  • In addition, Employees and Guards can also provide their feedback on the respective visitor after checkout.
  • Above submitted feedback can be viewed in the Feedback section page under admin user i.e. Visitors >Feedback.
  • We have added color indicators to represent multi-day visitors as well as single-day visitors. Multi-day visitors are generally marked with a “green” indicator, while a single day visitors are marked with no colours. To view this, navigate to Visitors > Upcoming > Upcoming Visitors.
  • Overstayed visitors and Visitor Cards are made available in Red colour which is displayed in the overstay page.
  • An employee can delegate their walk-in visitor’s attendee responsibility to any other employee of the organization in case of their absence.
  • Admin can view the details of a regular or an Occasional visitor’s i.e. frequent visitor and one-time visitor through Reports >Frequent Visitors.
  • Admin can also view graphs based on visitors type i.e. known visitor and unknown visitors through Reports >Role Based Visitors.
  • Employees/ Admin can add questions based on the Role & Answer type under Feedback Configuration > Settings option
  • Now admin can view visitors trend based on time, month, and year through a dashboard named as “Visitor Trend”
  • Each dashboard page is made actionable where you can perform any task pertaining to visitors.
Enhancements :

Following are some of the enhancements that are part of Release 2.0:

  • While check-in guard can upload multiple documents through the Guard web app and mobile app user login.
  • An Admin can Enable/Disable the columns and export the Visitors data in the format of their choice based on the selected date.
Fixed Issues :

Following are some of the major issues that are fixed as a part of Release 2.0:

  • Bug Fix on Report Creation
  • Bug Fix on Date Format
  • Performance Issues on Data Tables
  • Performance Issues on Email Templates

Mobile App New Features


  • Bug Issues Fixed.
  • An employee can delegate their walk-in visitor’s attendee responsibility to any other employee of the organization.
  • An employee can Approve and Disapprove visitor request.
  • Add guest mandatory fields modified.
  • Added Review page and all visitors list.
  • Notification list.
  • UTC Time and Date format conversion.
  • Manual showing the app updates.
  • Search functionality in all the pages.
  • Added multiple document options in checking
  • Added multiple things options in checking
  • Added document’s name and document’s number for all kind of documents captured
  • Government documents are made mandatory in both normal and faster checking

If you have any issues/concerns on this release: Please email us at support@entrybook.co

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