Every establishment, whether it’s a resort, healthcare facility, university, or business office, strives to make security a top concern. Most workplace gates, on the other hand, are not secure due to the usage of manual and handwritten check-in forms to capture visitor information.

Companies must implement a gatekeeping system to reduce safety issues and dangers.

It is more important than ever to be cautious about workplace safety, particularly when it comes to individuals entering and departing the facility. The protection of both property and employees is essential, yet the typical visitor log book is insufficient when it comes to security risks.

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Consider The EntryBook Over Registers & Log Books

Pick Up The Pace

Getting delayed at the entry gate access point will be a thing of the past as the entry app is designated to process an entry 10x faster at the gate. All your security personnel have to do is take out his phone and click away to create an entry.

This is way simpler, accurate, and efficient with the Entrybook app.

Cloud-Based Solution

The Entrybook app is an AI-powered and cloud-based security app that helps you at the gate check-in process, the encrypted data collected is securely processed over the cloud. Best of all, it works right from your pocket without the need for an additional, bulky device. In a hurry? We can help you get access to that important visitor meeting post-ID verification from the gate to your meeting room in no time

Analyze Your Visitor Trends

You can obtain important insights and statistics from the Entrybook’s digital log system, which can help you optimize your approach properly.

The use of data analysis in integrated partnerships is beneficial.

This will give a wealth of information on the people that come into the facility. You may use this information to evaluate the data and determine visiting trends as well as the overall efficiency of the AI-powered system.

As a result, you’ll be better able to make educated judgments and, if required, take the appropriate precautions to protect your workplace.

Facial Recognition

The built-in facial recognition feature comes in handy even during this age of wearing masks and protective kits. As our system’s scanner can penetrate through the protective wear and recognize as well as capture the face without jeopardizing the health and wellness of your visitor and security personnel.

Make a Statement

Make your visitors feel at ease when they enter your premises. Rather than asking them to fill out traditional logbooks, use an AI-powered digital access system to wow them! It gives your visitors a sense of security and importance. It also helps your organization to become green by reducing paper usage.

It’s the right time you ditched the dull and dismal paper logbook and manual procedures in favor of EntryBook, a highly flexible and reliable security software suite that is setting the benchmark for gate management systems!

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